Printing Service in Okhla, Delhi

High quality mono cartons and duplex boxes from MLCD Printing Service in Okhla, Delhi, which provides packaging printing services throughout India, you can create colourful, eye-catching packaging for your products.

For clients in the food, pharmaceutical, and other fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries, we manufacture mono cartons boxes, window cartons boxes, food trays, and other items in plain, single, tri, and multicolor. Our printed mono cartons give the businesses that use them a powerful brand identification and are perfect for packing plastic bottles, beverages, water, cosmetics, and other products.

We also manufacture high-quality duplex boxes with a range of choices. You can choose duplex boxes that are plain, embossed, or printed depending on your needs. 

These lovely duplex boxes can be used to package a variety of goods, such as bakery goods, namkeens, fast food, clothes, gifts, or shirts. Depending on your demands, we can offer sizes and specifications that are customizable.

Due to the ’s excellent technical and creative capabilities, customers are in high demand for our mono carton and duplex box design services. In order to guarantee that our client will receive the best mono carton box, our team of skilled professionals evaluates the client’s objective first. They then conduct research, write the copy, hire the photographer, and finally design the mono carton and have it printed in accordance with the client’s specifications.

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